Made from Natural Organic Ingredients

Elixir Natural Organic Skin Care Products made in Australia from certified organic ingredients. No chemicals just beautiful totally natural products. Our gift to you is a free sample of your choice from our skin care range with every order.

Try Elixir Skin Natural Skin Care Range For Yourself

We offer you natural skin care products that are completely chemical free and affordable for everyone. Give them a go them and we will add to your order a free sample of your choice from our skin care range. We make no outlandish claims; we simply invite you to explore Elixir Natural Skin Food for yourself and discover your very own personal results. You can choose your free sample once we receive your order.

Are Your Skin Care Products Really Organic?

Skin care products that state on their labels they are organic can contain chemicals that are not good for your skin. If you are looking for totally organic natural skin care products that will leave your skin feeling soft, smooth, healthier and are environmentally friendly then Elixir Skin Food Natural Skin Care range are for you. Our products are totally chemical and preservative free. We use eco-friendly minimal packaging that is recyclable because we care about our planet. Just imagine a completely natural skin moisturiser you can totally trust to have no nasty added or hidden ingredients. Our natural skin care range is suitable for everyone from normal to sensitive skin.

I Have Really Sensitive Skin

If your skin is sensitive you will know how easily it can become irritated by many of the ingredients in skin care products on the market today, and just how embarrassing problem skin can be. You want to look your best at all times, but when your skin reacts to the chemicals in skin care products spoiling your complexion with outbreaks of tiny blisters, stinging, swollen rashes or simply itching, it can make you feel self-conscious and miserable. Help is here, by using completely chemical free and natural skin care products and maintaining the right cleansing routine, skin sensitivity can be part of your past. Our natural skin care for sensitive skin is the very best and we promise you, completely natural.

Different Reasons Sensitive Skin

Facial Cleansing - Are you over cleansing your skin?

Over cleansing with the wrong cleansers can cause irritation. Always treat your skin with respect and avoid using harsh ingredients. Elixir Skin Food Lavender Bud Face Cleanser will help improve your skin and aid in reducing sensitivity. Cleanse and moisturise your skin mornings and evenings.

Is Your Life Style Affecting Your Skin?

Stress is one of the biggest contributions to problem skin. Your working environment can upset the skin's natural balance. Air conditioning, exposure to the sun can lead to your skin becoming more sensitive. Unfortunately we can't change our environment but you can help by avoiding full sun exposure and hydrating skin with a completely natural skin moisturiser, like our Hungry Skin Gel.

Hormones Affect Skin

Whether your skin is young or mature fluctuating hormones can cause havoc to the complexion. Using a good quality natural skin moisturiser can really help dry or irritated skin.

Is Your Diet Affecting Your Skin?

Skin irritants and allergies can be caused by what we eat. It is almost impossible to keep up a healthy diet everyday but you can give your skin the best chance by eating a healthy balanced diet and drinking plenty of filtered water when possible.

Skin Problems and Your Environment

Often the weather causes your skin to become hyper-sensitive, especially in the winter cold and summer heat. Try Face Kiss Moisturiser in the winter months and the lighter Gaia Gel or Hungry Skin Gel in the summer months.

Ingredients in Skin Care Products

The cause of common irritants in some skin care products include harsh chemicals such as colour and preservatives. That is why Elixir Skin Food use none. We include only the purest organic ingredients and we don't use harsh chemicals or preservatives

Best Organic Natural Skin Care Products

Once you have established any skin care products that are causing skin irritation eliminate them from your routine. Use only skin care products that contain ingredients you can pronounce and are made with totally natural organic ingredients. Beware the overload of ingredients, as this is not always a good thing for sensitive skins.

Shampoo, Soap and Conditioners

Mostly these products contain harsh chemicals that can upset the balance of your skin. More information here.

Skin disorders may be a sign of an underlying illness. It is important to get a proper diagnosis if your symptoms persist.

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Elixir Skin Care Testimonials

  • I love these products. Been using them for a while now and my skin is HAPPY. Find them good value for money.

    Author image
    • Bev
    • Teanmbit NSW
  • I am in love with Elixir Skin Food Products. I simply love the beautiful natural, no chemical feel of the Face Kiss Moisturiser. It's smooth and yummy and feels so lovely on your skin. I use it all over after a shower. You can request a Kg of it!.

    Author image
    • Jemma
    • NSW
  • My nephew was experiencing acute acne and I recommended the Gaia Gel and Liquid Skin Food spray as I had impressive results myself with this product. His skin cleared within 7 days! Astounding results, one happy teenager and best of all NO Harsh chemicals and very reasonably priced, great find!

    Author image
    • Mareeh
    • NSW
  • My sensitive skin reacts to a lot of products so I decided to try Elixir's natural skin care. Hungry Skin Gel and Gaia Gel is non greasy, absorbs quickly and leaves my skin feeling fresh and smooth and at a great price. I am a happy customer. Posting is prompt, arriving within 2 days. Try it you will like it.

    Author image
    • Robyn
    • Glenhaven NSW
  • I have been using Elixir skin products since the company began. Great care, effort and a lot of research have gone into ensuring these products contain only the purest, freshest and healthiest organic ingredients possible. I use them daily and they have gained quite the following amongst my friends and family, from relieving and moisturising dried cracked skin to quickly reducing and settling teenage acne within days of use. Very reasonably priced.

    Author image
    • Alex
    • Spears Point NSW
  • These products really speak for themselves, they are great quality and very reasonable prices. Service is excellent! Our whole family is now using these products and really happy with the results. Highly recommend

    Author image
    • John
    • NSW
  • I am totally blown away by this product. After decades and hundreds of dollars on trial and error, and constant aggravation, the Elixir Skin Food products I have been using had totally cleared up my psoriasis/eczema to a point I have to search my body for where it once was. My skin pigment has returned to normal, no itchiness, soreness, dry cracked or bleeding skin, just beautiful natural, hydrated skin. I have searched over half a century for the miracle cure. I've found it! Elixir Skin Food should be wrapped in gold!

    Author image
    • Anonymous
    • NSW
  • I have recently been using several products from the Elixir Skin Range. I have really sensitive skin and can't use well-known brands but the Face Kiss moisturiser is fantastic, easy to apply and my skin loves it! I am also using the Hungry Skin Moisturiser, which is really great under make-up. The deodorant smells lovely; it works and is really gentle on the skin. Beautiful products.

    Author image
    • Karen
    • Leicestershire UK
  • These are amazing products my skin has a real glow to it now. I suffer from lots of different skin conditions and this range really allows me to use it with confidence and NO discomfort at all. Thank you Elixir.

    Author image
    • Jess
    • TONI & GUY The Junction Newcastle NSW
  • I have found a great natural skin moisturiser called Face Kiss Moisturiser, it is completely free from chemicals! I am so excited I have to share. It is great for dry skin, made from yummy ingredients, example - Shea butter, raw coconut oil and it smells divine. Best moisturiser I have come across. And best still affordable, well worth it.

    Author image
    • Megan, Manchester UK
    • Manchester UK
  • I love what these products stand for. No nasty chemicals! Finally some products those are natural, simple and so affordable. I love the Lavender Mask it is so cleansing and my skin feels amazing after use. You can really feel the goodness.

    Author image
    • Rhiannon Gamble
    • Sydney NSW
  • These are delightful, natural products that actually work and do not react with my hugely sensitive skin.
  • Author image
    • Hilary Horton
    • Nelson Bay NSW
  • Elixir Skin Products: These are probably the best skin care I have ever come across. The natural deodorant is really good and not overpowering. Sarah made me up some shaving gel and it works a treat. Highly recommend these great natural skincare products.

    Author image
    • Michael
    • Stroud NSW
  • I have been testing Elixir shaving gel for the last month and I must say it really is very good. Leaves my face feeling smooth and fresh. But what I really like about it is the added bonus of no chemicals! It does not foam up, but will soften your face for shaving and works a treat.

    Author image
    • Grahame McNaughton
    • Booral NSW
  • I love the Elixir products - they're all made with natural ingredients and a lot of them organic too. Love the fact that the packaging is eco-friendly too! Also good for sensitive skin.

    Author image
    • Emily
    • Bristol UK
  • Top Service every time. And great products. Looking forward to trying more of the Elixir range.

    Author image
    • James Aldridge
    • Inversness Scotland UK
  • Elixir Skin Food products are just divine. I am very particular with what I put on my skin and have used and still use most of her products and love them all. Face Kiss Moisturiser is my favourite. It certainly is like giving your face a sweet smelling, soft, cool, creamy kiss without greasy residue. Sarah's products are truly a reflection of her natural, healthy, nurturing holistic living. Thankyou.

    Author image
    • Nicole
    • Stroud Road NSW
  • If only Elixir's skin care products had the marketing budget to be out there and in (and ON) everyone's faces!! People don't know what they're missing. Everything is 100% natural, and by natural, they mean gentle, clean, fresh, handmade and precious. Don't be fooled into thinking so-called 'natural' ingredients such as parabens are good for you. Yes, they're natural, but they're still harsh. Elixir's products don't contain any of that nonsense. In fact, the ingredients lists read more like a food recipe.

    Author image
    • Gina
    • Grange Qld
  • After many doctor and specialist appointments for my daughters skin problems; achieving no results or improvement, I found Sarah & explained the issues we were experiencing . She immediately went to work to try to assess the problem and came up with a solution which has worked wonders. I recommend Elixir Skin Care Products for their caring nature and wonderful natural products, that work!

    Author image
    • Denise - R and R Property
    • Stroud NSW
  • Wonderful stuff. I'm very impressed with the face kiss moisturiser. I have dry skin and this quenches it nicely. I can't wait to try the other products.

    Author image
    • Meg
    • Sydney NSW
  • Amazing natural skin care range. No hasty chemical. Their skin products are totally awesome. I bought their hungry skin gel and lavender face cleanser and got a free sample! Well impressed.

    Author image
    • Gemma
    • Blackburn UK